The World Conference of the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation took place in Rome on October 24–28. The event was also to celebrate 50th anniversary of the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Society (AISM).  

Do you use a wheelchair in your everyday life? Have you succeed in your business or profession? Have many of your dreams already come true, but you are still looking for something new and exciting?

Dear friends,
In the year to come, we wish you perform strong, steadfast and winning actions towards achieving your goals. May it make the world a better place for living, and people near you – happier!

Most often, ‘inclusive’ accompanies such words as ‘society’ and ‘education’. We sometimes forget that indefinitely more everyday life aspects need be inclusive to the majority of people. So an Inclusive Ball was given, while people with multiple sclerosis (PwMS) and those involved were celebrating WORLD MS DAY.