Our congratulations go to all colleagues who take part in providing content for the Information Space System of the All-Russian MS Society, on a top place award of the All-Russian Website Competition ‘Positive Content-2010’ within the framework of ‘RUNET 2010 Awards’ (RUNET is Russia’s biggest Internet provider). The All-Russian MS Society’s website became the prize-winner in the special nomination of the Russian Agency for Society Information Development (RARIO) ‘The best website to develop voluntary initiatives’. We thank all for their work and contribution in this victory!



As appointed by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) and its member-national societies, the World MS Day (WMSD) is approaching fast to be celebrated again around the world. Last year, in 85 countries including Russia, where people were active to mark WMSD, its supporters conducted a wide range of activities dedicated to this date for PwMS, shareholders and general public. 

Moscow. On 26 May, the ARMSS was among awardees at the Web Resources Festival ‘World of equal opportunities’.

This event occurred just when the whole world MS community was marking the World Multiple Sclerosis Day. In this context, while speaking during the awarding ceremony ARMSS representative Oleg Ipatov told about the WMSD and was happy to contribute our win in the nomination ‘One world – one dream’ to this global event. He also presented the Festival organizers with Composite Russian language editions of the MSIF magazine ‘MS in focus’.

For the All-Russian MS Society (ARMSS), the World MS Day made the All-Russian MS Day as long as almost two weeks – from 25 May till 11 June, when the Russian MS event is held.

In expectation of WMSD, President of the ARMSS Dr. Yan Vlasov and experts in MS conducted an online conference on the Web, where they raised and spoke their mind on topical medical and social issues (see web-conference here). This opened the two weeks of global fight against MS for us this year.