In fact, WMSD is still going on in Russia. We have acquired a good tradition to start the MS event on the last Wednesday in May with WMSD, and the All-Russian MS Day on 11 June will see the end of MS functions during this special period of the year when we highlight MS issues together with the globe.

It has been almost two years since ARMSS was granted with the consultative status in ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council), UN. During this time, we have already participated in a competition, organized by the UN, shared experiences and opinions and even made working visits to each other. However, the time has come for us to exercise our right of the ECOSOC consultative status and make a change in the work of this UN structure, which has been done by ARMSS President, Yan Vlasov.


This is to announce that the All-Russian Union of Patients will hold the 4th All-Russian Congress of Patients in Moscow.

The Congress aims at developing and translating mechanisms for the Government and NGOs to cooperate in order to improve the quality of life of Russian citizens.