When talking about rehabilitating persons with disabilities, non-medical rehabilitation likewise counts.

In Russia very much attention is given to treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Patients with neurological disorders that look like MS are referred to undergo further diagnostic examination, make the diagnosis and prescribe a course of treatment at a specialized facility. In most constituent territories of the Russian Federation, there are MS centres set up to attend and manage people with multiple sclerosis by highly skilled neurologists who specialize in demyelinating diseases. In the other territories, there are MS surgeries where physicians receive patients to manage them and provide guidance at out-patient clinics.

The RuMSS took an active part in the development and implementation of the concept of the MS rehabilitation process, which consists of the areas as follows:

1. Psychosocial rehabilitation, 2. Social and medical rehabilitation, 3. Social and everyday life rehabilitation, 4. Occupational rehabilitation, 5. Civil rehabilitation