The common and traditional get-together in late December never appears a routine event for the Samara branch, Russian MS Society. Every year, it is never to be forgotten. Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) got interested to visit and see the function dedicated to New Year last December. Which MSIF did. And, it photographed.

Last year, the Samara event happened to be in the limelight of our colleagues in London. MSIF is currently making a World MS Day-2020 (WMSD) cartoon and going to use bits of what people with MS (PwMS) all over the world think about connections they have within their society and in what way they are helpful to beat MS. The film directors want to incorporate those discourses in native languages. Our colleagues across Russia and particularly in the city of Samara proved to be quick to suggest their contributions in question. No doubt about it, a helping hand in time is always considered first when in need.

Definitely, the photographer took valuable pictures for London. She had a large and picturesque field-work in Samara as the feedback proves. There, I had already witnessed myself the latest achievements to say the least, which would often be the cause for envy. At tea-parties and other get-togethers, they normally enjoy also fancy-dress balls, performances by art groups and their own talents. All these coming together with refreshments, and other peculiarities and highlights, as that photographer commissioned by London they had there and then, ensure unforgettable impressions after every party.

Let me, please, praise those, who made that photo-shoot project happen. First of all, the initiative comes from MSIF and their idea to make the cartoon of this year WMSD truly international, which ultimately brought their staff to a Russian province.

Then, our colleagues come (all of them being PwMS) ranging from St. Petersburg to Siberia, who avidly volunteered to contribute the best they could to the cartoon. Namely, I would underline one of them. She is Svetlana Goronkova, winner of the 2013 James D. Wolfensohn Award for International Person with MS. As we see, Svetlana's capability to inspire others to achieve has born more leaders among her fellow people. I am positive this is about continuity.

Pavel Zlobin
Russian MS Society