In solidarity with the rest of the world greeting World MS Day, the Russian MS Society organised and participated in a wide range of various events devoted to raising awareness, sharing difficulties and achievements of living with MS, discussing methods of treatment and rehabilitation.

In Moscow the WMSD event was attended by many health professionals and policy makers, who spoke there with regard to healthcare, protection of patient rights, social services, rehabilitation, accessibility and quality of medical treatment. Vital relevance of topics resulted in a long and intense discussion with patients, followed by a traditional tea-drinking.

In Novosibirsk and Tomsk WMSD events took place outdoors owing to good summer weather. Participants discussed pressing issues and in the end of the day released balloons as a symbol of hope and unity. The MS society in Tomsk gathered for a second time within the framework of World MS Day to participate in a workshop on public control in healthcare and also to present each other with their hand-made works of art.

The Samara MS society supported arranging for a conference that took place on a motor-ship cruising along the Volga River. The programme was saturated with workshops, round tables, presentations, research and practice events. Samara also hosted an interregional workshop on public control in healthcare.

A World MS Day event in Krasnodar took place outdoors as well. The RuMSS branch there spent the day on a horse breeding farm and gathered a record number of people. Participants discussed news and made an emphasis on access as a global theme of World MS Day this year.

Every year World MS Day is becoming more and more successful while attracting people with MS, health professionals, policy makers and other stakeholders, contributing to unanimity within the global MS community. We thank all the participants and supporters and hope that this tradition will be retained for the better future.


Anastasya Savchenkova
International affairs, Russian MS Society