The results of the first, opened in 2015, competition for grants for non-profit, non-governmental organizations, which was held in accordance with the President of the Russian Federation decree from 01.04. 2015 No. 79- рп "About the Social Security in the year of 2015 for the state support for non-profit non-governmental organizations participating in the institutes of civil society development and in the implementation of social projects and the projects in the sphere of human and citizen rights and freedoms protection".

 The Samara City Public Organization of the Disabled People with Multiple Sclerosis

The Name of the Project:The Centre of Family Rehabilitation of the Disabled People

The sum of the Project: 1 million 400 thousand

The location of the Project:The Region of Samara

The Project summary: The organizing of the work of the first in Russia the Regional Public Centre of Family Rehabilitation of the Disabled People

The main idea of the Centre: The organization of social support and social rehabilitation of the disabled people as a continuous integrated process, based on the resources of the micro-social environment of the disabled person – family, loved ones, friends and colleagues.

The project will develop a model of public social support and rehabilitation of people with disabilities in the Samara region.

There will be developed a program of social support, rehabilitation and psychological support for people with disabilities. The developed model, the program and the experience, obtained in the course of the project, will be presented to the patient, professional and governmental community. These will be circulated among 90 patient organizations of the Russian Federation.

Translated by Anna Bogolyubova.