This period of about two weeks, which we dedicate to our fight with MS most fervently, is over by now. It started on World MS Day and ended on the 11th of June, when the All-Russian MS Day is celebrated. In our country like throughout the world, we marked WMSD, by many estimates, just wonderfully. A long list of events ARMSS branches implemented on WMSD proves that.

On matching WMSD’s over the past four years, it is clear that WMSD events develop dynamically. It looks like an interesting and effective function can be arranged with no effort, however, those who did can tell what needs to be done to ensure a success and that all participants are happy.

We are happy about how many people in Russia the WMSD campaign has covered in 2012. No doubt, a lion’s share in this respect belongs to President Dr Yan Vlasov, who participated in the television broadcast ‘Zhit’ zdorovo!’ (Live Healthy!) on Channel One. This way of raising MS awareness can be a matter of envy, since the broadcast gathered tens of millions TV viewers.

The example of President Vlasov was a good benchmark for our colleagues in regions to follow. The pleasing fact should be mentioned that a considerable number of events were conducted outdoors. Well, it points out both our bold activities and our intention to engage most public and draw their attention to MS, which was the foremost objective of WMSD 2012. And, we did it in Russia!



Russian people with MS joined the WMSD project ‘1000 faces of MS’ where each participant with MS could make a postcard with a picture and a message. Over 2,300 PwMS from all over the globe took part, which resulted in a fantastic postcard gallery.


Thanks to tiny contributions of each of ARMSS branches, we had an impressive colourful picture with the name ‘WMSD in Russia’ in the end.  Another feature was more obvious: More Russian PwMS do and participate in WMSD events for both the objective awareness and good leisure time. This appears to be a positive sign.