The ARMSS President Council and Board of Directors express their big thanks to the Central TV channel ‘Perviy’ (First) for the TV programme ‘Zhit’ zdorovo’ (Eng., ‘Live healthily’) aired at the end of May, 2012. The TV programme was transmitted shortly before the World MS Day, and it was dedicated to the event as well as to its theme of informing wide audiences about MS and what it brings. ARMSS President Dr Yan Vlasov participated in the show as the main guest, and eventually, tens of millions of Russians near their TV-sets learned so much about MS in the easiest possible way.

See the video in Russian:

We can often complain that the national media deals with MS little. True, it takes enormous efforts to make this huge machine with its own strict rules move towards an NGO. This is what the ARMSS did, and Dr Yan Vlasov was invited to the show. It is worth mentioning that this progrmme stands out of our routine way of collaborating with televised media sources, first of all, due to the hugest possible coverage of the programme. It definitely points out the importance of activities we do and helps outline objectives within and beyond WMSD.

Beside Dr Vlasov, there were persons with MS invited to the programme, which helped host Dr Yelena Malysheva and her guests to inform about MS, though those were basics only. Yet, how precious they were keeping in mind that most people in our country know nothing of it! It is noteworthy that the ‘Live healthily’ programme took up this topic, which had been long considered awkward for media to discuss.

We believe that, since now on, multiple sclerosis and ways to resolve associated problems will be much higher on the national agenda of acute issues, while looking forward to more collaboration with the Central TV channel to improve the quality of life of people with MS.