The city of Krasnoyarsk was a venue for a training seminar of the All-Russian MS Society dedicated to issues associated with multiple sclerosis

On 17-18 October, the Training Seminar Rendezvous for representatives of regional public [voluntary] organizations that are branch agencies of the All-Russian MS Society in the Siberian Federal District was held at the ‘Krasnoyarsk’ Hotel. The seminar subject was ‘the Forms and Methods to Advance Activities of Public Organizations and Plenipotentiary Public Experts in Real Conditions over 2009-2010’.

As the participants of the seminar, there were key persons as follows: President of the All-Russian Public Organization of Disabled People with Multiple Sclerosis (All-Russian MS Society), MD, Dr Yan Vlasov (Samara); Executive Director of the All-Russian MS Society Dr Alla Beltyukova (Moscow); Vice President of the All-Russian MS Society for the Siberian Federal District Fedor Shishlyannikov (Novosibirsk);