Most often, ‘inclusive’ accompanies such words as ‘society’ and ‘education’. We sometimes forget that indefinitely more everyday life aspects need be inclusive to the majority of people. So an Inclusive Ball was given, while people with multiple sclerosis (PwMS) and those involved were celebrating WORLD MS DAY.

The Samara MS Society (Russian MS Society’s brunch) pursuing its goals had contributed a lot so that the brilliant dance event for persons with disabilities would happen. The regional and historic city museum heartily agreed to host the ball.

Although this event was held for the fourth consecutive time, it still has to struggle to gain popularity. Yet, the Inclusive Ball, which brought about an ocean of positive emotions and excitement, did take place!

Indeed, the ball hit local media headlines as an outstanding one with elegant ladies and gentlemen smartly dressed. Few guests paid attention that some dancers were in wheelchairs, rather enjoying waltzes, palace dances and Scottish country dances they performed.

MS doesn’t stop me dancing!

Pavel Zlobin Vice President, International Affairs