Today at the Meeting of the Presidium of the Council on Priority National Projects, Dmitri Medvedev

(FEDERAL NEWS) Today at the meeting of the Presidium of the Council on priority national projects, Dmitri Medvedev stated that next year, some 300 billion rubles (€8.3 billion) will be allocated by the Federal budget alone on the national projects. The priority programmes per se should be integrated in the programme of the nation development until 2020.

‘Additional funds to finance the national projects (Note: the national projects include Worthy Housing, Quality Education, Accessible Health Services, and Agriculture Development) over the period of their implementation came up to almost 400 billion rubles (€11 billion)’, Dmitri Medvedev mentioned. In his words, the experience of implementing the national projects proved ‘investments in the human capital as ones of the most effective’. ‘A free, educated and healthy human is the key to defining the nation’s development and its prospects,’ said the First Vice Prime Minister.The national projects were investment efficient for the development of not only these branches but the economy and society on the whole’, stated Medvedev, also adding the healthcare, education and agricultural system will keep their priority for the state in future.