Elena Anufrieva (Samara)

A Mammoth Spotty


Multiple Sclerosis – MS,

This name is making the strongest stress.


Becomes an awful dream so trotty,

So, let it be a Mammoth Spotty!!!


This curious animal I couldn’t meet,

And there’s a question: what color is it?


Maybe, it’s painted so bright,

Colorful as the garland light.


Maybe, it’s sparkling as hoarfrost so blue,

It can be seen on the wires by you.


Maybe, it’s beautiful red,

Dangerous red as fire so bad.


And, suddenly, yellow can be a Mammoth,

Painted as a chicken with chicken mousse.


And, maybe, so juicy and green,

As after the rain the maple’s so clean.


And can be as orange as the sun so high,

I can’t look at it; it’s so bright in the sky.


As an arch of the sky it’s so light,

Or so dark as the sea in the night.


And to become violet – it’s not work enough,

A Spotty Mammoth is a subject to laugh!


It is as a rainbow after the rain,

The Mammoth-chameleon – this is its name!


It changes its colors from blue into red,

Variety this is making us mad.


Not making ends meet, leading us by the nose,

Do not believe eyes: Its colors are false.


Millions of tones, colors like tricks.

Searching the truth is as talking to bricks.


There is one advice nevertheless:

Take away questions and remove the stress.


Don’t take other’s colors, don’t take them on you.

Or there’ll be the trouble, and what will you do?


Live in the color of your own Mammoth.

Looking at others – there’s nothing to chose.


The answer about the Mammoth is fine:

Mine is not yours, yours is not mine!!!


06.2012, translated by Anna Bogolyubova