It is already not for the first time the Samara Society and the Samara Regional Societies of the disables people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) participate in the events of the World MS Day – the day of struggle against MS (WMSD), which was founded by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF). This Day is on the latest Wednesday of May.

 The aim of this event is not only to tell people about such a terrible disease, as MS, that affects the nervous system of young people, often making them the wheelchair disabled people, but also to develop and to show sympathy and understanding of the difficulties of the life with such a disease, there is no treatment of it and nobody is insured from it.

The causes of this serious disease are not completely known neither by our national, nor by the international medicine.

In the modest attempts to improve the public knowledge about MS, the participants of the actions of the WMSD gave the people in the streets the informational lists, posters and white ribbons – the symbol of the WMSD. For those MS patients, who are not bedridden, there were different actions, concerts and also the performances by the art collectives of schoolchildren. There were excursions, among them - a trip to a helicopter pad and a visit to a horseracing club “LEGION” with carrying out a trial hippotherapy occupation. And, certainly, there were organized many buffet tables and tea drinking.

To those disabled people with MS who cannot go anywhere or are bedridden there came social workers, gave them humanitarian packs and helped them, cleaned their flats.

The social workers, the volunteers and the members of the MS Society try to support the disabled people with this diagnosis. The positive attitude and the sympathy of the common society to the people with the disease and to the disabled people say about a highly developed, civilized community, where, I hope, we are living.