On 11 September 2012, the State Facility for rehabilitation of young disabled people ‘Bereza’ welcomed the Third All-Russian Thematic Rally, which became a three-week home for young people with multiple sclerosis (MS).

The rally got together advanced, life-loving, creative, positively-thinking, young, cheerful persons, who do all to struggle for their health, to maintain and improve the quality of the active part of their being and to give a helping hand to their neighbour in need and trouble.

 The Thematic Rally opens perspectives for each person involved a well of new, exciting encounters, kind-hearted communication in a friendly environment; it offers essential courses for rehabilitation, up-to-date  information on MS from leading specialists in the sphere, ways to take part in a variety of activities developed by the Ministry of social and demographic affairs of the Samara region, as well as by the staff of the State Facility ‘Bereza’ and Samara MS society managers.