In Samara, a new centre of rehabilitation for the families of people with MS has just opened. Many of these people cannot get about without someone helping them. They use wheelchairs, and it results in social restrictions. The centre will be the place for them to do exercise therapy, Yoga, conduct practical training lessons. While the disease being talked about, parents need to be parents. ‘My family lives to the fullest’, says Yelena Anufrieva.

‘Duties within it are shared according to how much one can manage. Sadly, but my husband attends meetings for parents in the school because the assembly room is inaccessible. I’d love to be at the meetings myself really!" She would look more after her daughter but it often goes the other way round. Without assistance, she can’t even approach the rehab centre. The first thought to establish it was voiced 5 years ago. Then, there were ruins and now – here it is! It has a conference hall, exercise therapy room, several leisure rooms. The main problem now is how to access the centre. ‘We’re preparing a presentation on this issue and hope the authorities will help landscape the territory.This issue is most urgent that is to bring persons with disabilities here’, head of the centre Svetlana Goronkova told. Valery Troyan, First Deputy Chair, the Samara region parliament, noted: ‘The Samara region parliament has allocated USD 675,000 to purchase drugs for PwMS. The city gave the lodgings. Hopefully this assistance will go on but we need to involve both the society and executive authorities.’ The disease is progressing, however, our talents make good progress, too. Visitors of the centre organized an exhibition for their creativity works. One can’t help stopping by Yelena Anufrieva’s drawings here.

Translated and adopted by Pavel Zlobin