This 2012-year, in June and July, in Russia, there were held several Training Seminars for the Authorized Public Experts (APE).

The first Seminar was held in North-Western Federal District, in St. Petersburg, from the 29th of June till the 1st of July 2012.

It was very pleasant that the main neurologist of the Region of Pskov - Starodubtseva Svetlana Timofeevna participated in this Seminar. It is a challenging question because there is not an Authorized Expert in this District so far.

After making acquaintance with already working experts and with the tasks of the APEs, Svetlana Timofeevna went to the decision that there must be a Society of PwMS in the Region of Pskov City and, of course, an APE must work there.

It is desirable to outline the work of the APE in Karelia – Vasilyeva Natalya Alexandrovna. In a year after her appointment for that post she created the Society of PwMS of the Republic of Karelia,

regulated the rehabilitation for this group of patients, set contacts with policy makers, with the main neurologist, leads the registry of PwMS and so on.

It is necessary to highlight that all this work was being made by Natalya in the period when she was in her maternity leave and then in her childcare leave.

The work of the APE on Velikiy Novgorod and its region -V.S.Dmitriev also deserves the respect. He is at the same time the Chairman of the Regional Department of the All-Russian Organization of Disabled People with MS (AROMS) in the region of Novgorod. During the short period he has built the contacts with all branches of the authority, Healthcare Committees of the city and the region, Russian Health Supervision, Committee on Social Policy, Main Neurologist. The cabinet of MS was open and the number of patients, who receive changing MS medications, has increased from 12 to 107 people for 3 years.

Unfortunately, the Leningrad Region has not satisfied the expectations. The Regional Department of the All-Russian MS Organization of the Leningrad Region was registered more than a half a year ago (the Chairman is Artyom Golovin). There is not any work with PwMS in the Leningrad Region even now. The necessary contacts with the authorities, Healthcare Committee, Main Neurologist have not also been made. On my proposals to visit the general meeting or the Board Conference as the Vice-President of the AROMS of the North-Western Federal District (NWFD) there was no answer. Artyom also visited the actions of the Training Seminar selectively, in spite of the fact that he was provided with all the accommodation conditions for the period of the Seminar. He did not consider it necessary both to be and to notify about his absence at the Round Table on the 29th of June 2012, at the Seminar on the 30th of June 2012 and he was absent at the Training on the 1st of July 2012. That was a blot on the landscape of the good and necessary Action.

In the conclusion, the deep gratitude must be made to all Pharmacompanies for the support of the organization and carrying out the Action in St. Petersburg.

The special gratitude is to Yan Vladimirovich Vlasov for the help with the urgent transfer of resources for carrying out the Training Seminar.

The Authorized Public Expert on the North-Wwestern Federal District - N.A.Artyemyuck.


translated by Anna Bogolyubova, the ARMSS' Information-Analitical Services employee.