The results of the first, opened in 2015, competition for grants for non-profit, non-governmental organizations, which was held in accordance with the President of the Russian Federation decree from 01.04. 2015 No. 79- рп

"About the Social Security in the year of 2015 for the state support for non-profit non-governmental organizations participating in the institutes of civil society development and in the implementation of social projects and the projects in the sphere of human and citizen rights and freedoms protection".

 The Samara Regional Public Organization of the Disabled People “Prism”

The Name of the Project;The public participation in the regional system of social support for the disabled people.

The location of the project: The Samara region, the Ulyanovsk region, the Saratov region, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The sum of the Project: 2 million.

The Project summary: The system of social rehabilitation and support, which determines the efficiency of the entire cycle of medical and social care, should take into account the interests of citizens and can rely not only on the resources of the state, but also on the resources of the public.

This project is designed for the systematic organization of public participation in the system of social support for the disabled people.

In the project, there will be developed and tested the program of comprehensive public assessment of the quality of social services for the disabled people, including mechanisms to identify the public inquiry, the algorithms of the irrelevant assessment of social assistance to citizens, assessed on the basis of a comparison of the proposed assistance with the request of citizens, the training algorithms of public proposals making, the mechanisms for direct public participation in social support for citizens.

The program will be developed and tested by civil society experts, by the representatives of patients and public organizations working with the disabled people.

The results of the implementation of the program will be presented at regional and national levels to the civil society interested in the development and optimization of the system of social support for citizens, by involving public resources.

Translated by Anna Bogolyubova.